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A little background on how Brooksville Associates became Brooksville Consulting:

With over sixty completed merger and acquisition transactions, Brooksville Associateswas the leading safety, health and fire service M&A intermediary for eleven years up until Mike Canon retired in 2004. Many safety industry veterans will recall how Mike Canon, professionally partnered with Dick Prince and Mike Canon Jr., helped their friends retire after the successful closing sale of their businesses. Other friends engaged Brooksville Associates to help them expand through the acquisition process. It was an exciting time of growth and expansion for the industry and a prosperous time for Brookville Associates and their clients.

Cutting to the chase, Mike Canon says he "flunked retirement," and that's why he has reopened shop under the name of Brooksville Consulting. It turns out, the old name was taken by a real estate company in Florida, but Mike says Brooksville Consulting, LLC. will do just fine. "It's what we do for our clients that will make the difference just as it always was."

As in the past, Brooksville will concentrate on assisting buyers and sellers achieve their objectives by a focused strategic approach to the opportunities available.  Brooksville is a specialty firm that knows where the pieces fit together.  Brooksville will not use a "shotgun" approach to find buyers or sellers which can be quite detrimental to a client's necessity for confidentiality.

As our former clients know, they can count on Brooksville for a successful outcome to be accomplished with confidentiality and integrity. "We have a narrow constituency," says Canon, and "if we screw it up, everybody knows, just as they know it when one of our clients retires happily onto the golf course. Life is not a rehearsal."


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